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Over our 30 year history of manufacturing, Churchill Paints Ltd have developed a wide range of quality products,related to the automotive and industrial market sectors. We put every effort into offering the end users high quality products at competitive prices, and our distributors with exceptional levels of service and availability of products.

In response to changes in legislation, we have diversified our product portfolio and offer our customers a complete VOC-compliant range for the future.

At present, the Churchill Paints product range consists of: Paints and Ancillaries.

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Churchill Paints Ltd is the exclusive distributor of the Mobihel range throughout the UK and Ireland. Our extensive warehousing facilities and large stock holding allows us to continue to meet customers requirements now and for the future.Product list...

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CHURCHILL PAINTS offer full technical and colouristic support for the system and are proud to be able to give the UK distributors the chance to be part of this opportunity to expand into new and existing areas of the market. Product list...


CHURCHILL PAINTS is a SUPER DISTRIBUTOR for 3M products. We can supply the entire range of 3M Car Refinishing products. Product list...