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Helios was founded in 1924 and has become one of the world leading producers of automotive and industrial paints and lacquers. From its very beginning, Helios has been at the forefront of developments in the coatings industry, keeping pace with those made by the large global manufacturers. The recent introduction of the HYDRO Base MIX system for vehicle refinishing, along with a full range of VOC compliant compliant products is a good example of this.

Helios FactoryToday Helios is a successful, fast growing and modern company, employing over 2300 people. It is now ranked among the top 10 producers of coatings in Europe. Helios consists of five production companies, a network of distributors selling paints and lacquers, and numerous marketing companies abroad, who also sell its products. Churchill Paints Ltd exclusively distributes Helios products throughout the UK, Ireland and southern african countries.

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Car Refinishing Coatings

The Helios car refinishing programme is marketed under the brand name MOBIHEL.The programme consists of a wide range of products combining high quality with a competitive price:

  • Complete VOC compliant paint system for vehicle refinishing
  • Complete solvent-based paint system for vehicle refinishing
  • PE putties and 2K sealers for different types of substrates
  • Fade out products for local repair of minor damage
  • Products for painting and repairing plastics
Helios Factory

Churchill Paints Ltd is the exclusive distributor of the Mobihel range throughout the UK and Ireland. Our extensive warehousing facilities and large stock holding allows us to continue to meet customers requirements now and for the future.