Mobihel Solvent

The Mobihel Mixing System is a complete solvent-based paint system for high quality car and commercial vehicle refinishing applications. It consists of 17 2k acrylic direct gloss tinters and 74 baeecoat tinters that are stirred on the mixing machine.The number of mixing positions can be adjusted according to our customers requirements as to which systems are to be used.

MOBIHEL Acrylic Enamel Mix - consist of 17 Acrylic colours.

MOBIHEL Base -choice of 74 Base Mix colours.

Mobihel Mixing Machines are powered from 220V mains, and have a timer to automatically switch off the stirrers and maintain constant homogenity of the tinters.

The most popular mixing machine we supply is the T/96 Mixing Machine offering:

24 positions for 3.5L packaging

72 positions for 1L packaging

The dimensions of the Mixing Machine are: 2.25m width, 2.15m height and 0.36m depth.

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