MOBIHEL HYDRO Base MIXES are the main components to make metallic or non metallic water borne basecoat paint mixes.Using mixing enamels based on metallic pigments (aluminium, pearls xirallics) we get different visual effects for vehicles. A final coat of MOBIHEL 2K HS 2:1 clearcoat low VOC should be applied over the basecoat to give it excellent,weather and chemical resisitance and a high gloss. The system consist of: 63 colorant bases. Available in 1l or 0.5l sizes can all be stirred on the mixing machine.Maximum shelf life: 2 years

Technical Data

Product Code: 71A - 79A - Aluminums

50P - 64P - Pearls
65X - 70X - Xirallics
00C - 30T - Coloured and transparent pigments
90F - 91F - Flop Additives

VOC Content: 410g/L