F-714 Shop Primer

Single component Phosphatant Primer with excellent adhesion on Steel. Good adhesion on most of tested aluminiums and galvanized surfaces. It is recommended to check first. Its rapid drying, and the fact that is is easy to repaint with any type of top coat in wet-on-wet processes makes this product extremely suitable for those markets requiring swiftness of the process. Suitable for the Machine Tool Industry , Industrial Coachwork where it can be used as a workshop primer because of its rust-proof qualities. It may be dried in temperatures up to 160oC. Weldable and does not produce any toxic smoke.

Technical Data

Product Code: 714B- Black 714G - Grey 714R - Red 714W - White
VOC Content: 730g/L 730g/L 730g/L 730g/L

This product is suitable for industrial use only.