Mobihel Hydro

The Mobihel Programme includes a wide selection of products, that are necessary for a quality car repair. Recent legislation changes are putting more pressure on bodyshop managers to use the VOC compliant products. With this in mind, we have introduced MOBIHEL HYDRO Base MIX, which satisfies the strict regulations in respect of environment protection and health and safety measures.

  • Easy to apply and safer to use. The Mobihel HYDRO Base Mix system is quick drying and has excellent covering capabilities, allowing up to a 30% saving on materials, compared to solvent based systems.
  • The system consists of 63 colorant bases ( 22 Transparent,9 Aluminium,15 Pearls ,6 Xirallic,2 Flop Additives and 9 Concentrated Tinters ) and is supplied with a mixing machine and colour identification system.This comprises of 5 boxes of colour chips,organised in a spectrum format by colour shade.The software provided can be used on most computers and is very easy to operate.It offers the user the ability to print off labels,formulas,safety data sheets and technical data sheets.
  • There are more than 30000 colour formulations available including variant shades .A comprehensive range of compliant ancillaries such as primers,clearcoats,fillers etc,complete the system. Mobihel waterbased paint is an excellent choice for your business and will improve its profitability and save you time.

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