2K HS Ready Mixed Colours

2K HS Ready Mixed Colours are top quality 2 pack acrylics, suitable for air-drying or oven baking. They have a brilliant and durable gloss, excellent application properties, are quick drying, have good chemical resistance and are easy to polish. They may be used where small areas or complete vehicles are to be painted.

Technical Data

Product Code: CP0604 - Brilliant White
CP0607 - Diamond White
CP0612 - Arctic White
CP0613 - Frozen White
CP0617 - Silver
CP0618 - Glacier White
CP0620 - Peu/Cit Banquise White
CP0635 - Diamond White No2 Shade
CP0608 - Gentian Blue
CP0609 - Radiant Red
CP0610 - Golden Yellow
CP0611 - Jet Black
CP0614 - Post Office Red
CP0621 - Matt Black
CP0632 - Aircraft Blue
VOC Content: g/5L